FORGED: The Story of an Arm

The putrid swamps outside the Kingdom. A disgusting, putrid place, home of the Shaman and their creations.

One hut was bravely trying to stand out in the darkness. A hut where a father and his child sat, engrossed in a touching story:

A long time ago the Shamans were just curious doctors, whom refused to give up on their patients, so much in fact, they started delving into the forbidden arcane arts. The people they were healing turned from ill men and women to putrid creations of a twisted mind. Minds hungry for the salvation of their own kind. Soon after their work was revelaed to the world, the men were expelled from the Kingdom, turning the swamps into their new home shared with the remains of the fallen in the great war above. Continue reading


FORGED: The Fall of a King – Chapter IV

In case you’ve missed part onetwo or three.

Piero had a great run – he started off as a simple nobody, shouting on the streets. People trusted him, becoming a part of the ‘future movement’. His rebelion was hurting the crown – the peasants started to neglect the laws and their taxes. Fear was no longer present. Pierro managed to stay one step ahead of the Royal Guard, thus the Bankers, only to fall to a random roll of the dice?! Whipped, beaten and left for dead in his cell. It looked like the end.
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FORGED: The Fall of a King – Chapter III

In case you’ve missed part one or two.
This story is meant to hint at a new and very exciting feature of my Endless Story RPG – FORGED.

The crowd was roaring. Every man and woman was ablaze with a fiery passion, kindled by Piero’s speach.

-We will be the rulers of our land! We will feel safe in our homes! My brothers and sisters, the King’s time of oppression is over! – the crowd went mad. Everyone was cheering, chanting the name of their glorious new leader!

On the other side of the crowd the Unit was approaching. Matteo was missing, as he took a different path to the podium.
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FORGED: The Fall of a King – Chapter II

In case you’ve missed part one.
This story is meant to hint at a new and very exciting feature of my Endless Story RPG – FORGED

Piero had followed a simple regime thus far – go through every major district of the city, secretly organize a meeting with a few of his accomplices and just draw the crowds with his promises of a better future. He was giving people a reason to raise up, get armed and fight for their freedom. His real motives and goals thought, were only known to himself.
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FORGED: The Fall of a King – Chapter I

This story is meant to hint at a new and very exciting feature of my Endless Story RPG – FORGED

-Glory to The Unit! – yelled the men, bashing their cups together, spilling half of it on the table and the rest on their faces.

The Unit – one of the most elite groups of hired thugs in the Kingdom. Men born and raised to kill everyone and everything, for the right price. They were a kind of a  backup plan for the Bankers, just in case the King’s military failed. Their leader – Matteo – never went to the tavern with them – he preferred meditating, in complete silence and solitude, exposing his powers only when they were truly needed. Assassinations, wars, kin exterminations – he had done it all.
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First Week Impressions – Tropico 4

First off – a big apology to my regular readers – I am facing a very hard month, which is crippling my ability to post regularly.

A game has been occupying my trickles of spare time this past week. A game going by the name of Tropico 4, which I picked up during the Steam summer sale, after a lot of window shopping, during the past few years. I’ve always thought the game was just ‘meh’ – Fidel Castro? On a boat? No thank you. But all the positive comments I’ve heard about that game, they finally managed to crack my wallet open.
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Indie Devs We Should Care About – Edmund McMillen

Yes guys – I managed to screw up my tight development schedule, thus resulting in a distinct lack of Forged related content for today’s post.  So instead, we’re going to have a look at one of my favorite indie devs of all time – Edmund McMillen. 

Edmund McMillen. Many know him for his work on the hit retro platformer Super Meat Boy and at a lesser extent for the gruesome randomly generated RPG The Binding of Isaac.
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